Tuesday Tune 🎶 Dangermouse + the late, great Sparklehorse + David Lynch = AMAZING.

Tuesday T U N E 🎶


Towards the end (at about 1:20:33[1]) of the film essay In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni by Guy Debord a black screen announces:
“Ici les spectateurs, privés de tout, seront en outre privés d’images.””Here the audience, deprived of everything, will also be deprived of images.”
Read more at the use of the blank screen in the cinematic works of Guy Debord. 

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Seems appropriate for today… Happy Strike Day 💪

Tuesday Tune 🎶- no words for how much I love this track. Brilliant collage of Philip Glass’ oeuvre to date, nicely glued together by Beck. Amazing.

"Construct for yourself a small situation without a future!"- The Level, Brighton.

🎉 It’s my 2nd Anniversary! 🎉 

2 fantastic years at COS, here’s to many more! Bring on NYC!

Happy Bloomsday!

Bought this shortly after last year’s Bloomsday, intent that I’d read it before this year’s.

Needless to say, I FAILED. 

Found where the sun was hiding…


Obscenity (The mister Jourdain’ syndrome)

Obscene was the Venice Biennale of Rem Koolhaas

On one side the fetishism of the industrial products and components (Italian International Pavilion) and on the other the celebration of the political failure of the world… as a naive agitprop able to wrap the architect with politically correct conscientiousness… self-complaisance for this comfortable dualism.

We are in the pursuit of the diagrammatic hoax he himself promoted 20 years ago, same arrogance of reductionism to avoid embracing and gathering complexity in a productive way, in an aesthetic way, for a critical production, not for a simulation of a critical behavior… sponsored by Rolex.

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